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About Steenkamp & Pollock Orthotics and Prosthetics

This company originated in 1999 as a fully fledged Orthotic and Prosthetic Facility.  We endeavour to serve the industry on referral from a Medical Practitioner.  We have daily ward rounds and referrals at all the Hospitals in Bloemfontein and run Consulting rooms at our premises in Bloemfontein.

Patients are consulted and evaluated and the best solutions suiting the demands of the patient and their financial capabilities are discussed.  Orthotic or Prosthetic equipment, devices, componentry and materials are sourced from reputable suppliers in the industry which have decades of research and development, backup service and referrals.  Many of these suppliers are international or have international origins.

The Orthotic and Prosthetic industry originated in the years of Knightmanship; where knights on their horses; and soldiers, had to wear steel or metal and leather armour and helmets.  The skills and initiative of the artisans who designed and manufactured the armour were then developed, honed and perfected to the profession we have today.

Willem Steenkamp and Roger Pollock are the 2 owners of the company and have been working together since 1989.

Orthotics are medical devices or assistive devices designed to favour an injury, medical condition or disability.  Benefits can be to reduce pain, allow healing, eliminate the debilitating defects and/or to prevent progression of the condition while allowing near to normal mobility.  Examples of these are crutches, wheelchairs and cushions, foot orthotics (innersoles), build-up shoes, spinal or limb braces, calipers and compression stockings.

There are many Prosthetic devices in the market but this industry specialises in external prosthetic devices which are custom designed, manufactured and fitted to the residium after an amputation.  A prosthesis consists of a silicone or synthetic material liner/interface for suspension, a rigid moulded socket for the residuum and then the componentry viz. knee, elbow, shin, ankle, wrist, hand and foot.  Cosmetic covers are also customised to suit the patient’s complexion and style.  There is a minefield of options and components available in this industry and we are knowledgeable to assist in your questions in this regard.  Cost implications and international currency exchange rates are also major role players in determining the final bouquet or setup.

The practitioners have to ascribe to the code of conduct stipulated by the HPCSA and resultantly have to attend meetings, demonstrations and training in all the latest technological, medical and pathological trends, ethics and protocols.

Medical Insurance companies do subsidise or fund Orthotic and Prosthetic devices.  The problem is always that the monthly premium paid by the insured, determines the type of cover and the level of cover available.  Steenkamp and Pollock are contracted and approved by Medical Aid Funders to qualify for the maximum benefit allowed by the Funder.  We also submit accounts directly to funders but cannot guarantee 100% coverage on all available solutions.  The balance of the account is then reverted to the account liability holder.  We strive to keep our rates within the Medical Funders’ guidelines.