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Innersoles are the affectionate name for foot orthotics.  Foot orthotics serve to enable a problem foot to be supported and protected.  This is done to enable a patient to maintain their preferred activity or activity levels while favouring the foot position and condition.

In our practice every orthotic is custom manufactured to the dimensions and contours of the individual and a dynamic fitting process completes the process.  This is done with a negative mould of the patient’s foot.  The patient is evaluated and consulted with; to determine the exact problem and origin of the discomfort.  The RS Footscan proves to be a valuable asset in this entity and is used at the discretion of the practitioner.  Not only are dimensions and shapes important but also applications, type of shoes and gait are taken into account when designing and manufacturing a foot orthosis.

The diabetic foot, diabetics, plantar fasciitis, obesity, underlying pathology and higher activity individuals can all benefit from using orthotics.  Foot orthotics are indicated to limit the over-use or mechanical origin of the injury or discomfort and to address these issues to favour the foot and the individual.  This can be during work, recreation, hobbies or sport.  In congenital or trauma induced anomalies innersoles serve to enable a close to normal cadence and limit progression.

Foot orthotics are also classified as built op shoes, wedges, flares and offloading alterations to existing shoes.  These may be necessary for leg length discrepencies, poor anatomical alignment or simply pain relief.