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Orthotics for Ankle injuries

This is one of the most underestimated injuries in practice today.  Prophylactic measures are important if your sport subjects you to this kind of injury.  Contact sports and unfit athletes are the highest risk factors here.  As an exception to the rule the incidence of accidental ankle injuries due to stumbling or falling comprise a sizeable percentage of the statistics.

When you sustain an ankle injury it is important to monitor the condition critically to prevent further injury to the already injured ligament.  A visit to your local doctor and X-Ray department will help determine the extent of the injury and the indicated treatment to maximise the protection and minimalize the recovery period and possible permanent injury.  Ankle injuries often end up being diagnosed 5 to 7 days after the injury.  It can be categorically stated that ankle injuries are one of the most neglected injuries today.

Walker braces, ankle braces and ankle ligament augmentation surgery are the most effective treatment protocols in use today and often this recovery period is undertaken non-weight bearing.

Any ankle injury warrants permanent attentiveness and awareness to prevent it from happening again or aggravating the ligament status.